boat painting and boat detailing in St. Petersburg is a specialty that I have enjoyed for many years. My work at Flagler paints has taken me all over the world and I am always looking for new areas to paint and bring new life to my clients’ yachts. My business, Boat Butler, is dedicated to providing my clients with the highest quality service possible at a reasonable price”

I wanted to share my experience from last year with yachting owners and want to share my latest boat detailing tip with you. My most important piece of advice is to do your boat cleaning on a daily basis. It may be tedious to have to do this but if you have a boat detailing company and put yourself in their shoes they will understand. My boat was in for a thorough interior deep clean. It was a long process, but worth every minute.

I found that as we went through the staterooms, all the different fabrics and cushions were taking longer than we anticipated, especially the cushions on the queen-and-three-chairterails. It took us nearly four hours to go through all of them and the final result was astonishing. The exterior of the boat was looking phenomenal and we added another day to our two week schedule for boat detailing in St. Petersburg because of how fast everything was coming out of the water. We had a very solid hourly rate for our work, but the job was so much fun that we didn’t need to worry about hourly labor rates anymore.

We had our neighbor’s sailboat for a few days and after she received her second paint job, it was time to have her deep-clean done. We didn’t know what kind of services they offered, but they did a great job. They suggested an hourly rate of $120, which is right on the low end for boat detailing services. They also sent someone to give the boat a good visual, an analysis of any problems that might be there and recommended some touch ups. All in all, it was a very enjoyable project for all of us.

I wanted to share my experience from last year with yachting owners and want to share my latest boat detailing tip with you. My crews cleaned boats with a high level of professionalism and gave customers the most excellent service I’ve seen from boat detailing services. They washed boats faster, performed an incredible amount of damage inspection and took care of all our cleaning up and down the ladder. The towels they provided were amazing, they dried very fast, they felt comfortable while they worked, and they allowed us to use their hose no matter how dirty it was and it dried quickly too.

My next boat detailing tip is for the detail people who are washing their sailboards or powerboats. I don’t recommend using a power washer for boat detailing because the impact could be quite strong and you really don’t want any kids playing with the grime. A vacuum cleaner is just fine, but don’t use it on the nacelles or the starboard quarter panel area. If you must powerwash you should use a small and powerful machine that has a brush attachment so you can get the most out of your power washer. For more details on boat detailing visit your local boat detailing company in St. Petersburg.